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Structural Engineering

At KRD, we merge global experience with cutting-edge technical knowledge to deliver innovative solutions across a diverse range of industries, including maritime, offshore, and architecture.

Naval and Offshore

We offer cutting-edge structural engineering services for the maritime and offshore industry, including support for obtaining NB class, conversions, and retrofits worldwide. With experience in class regulations and a profound knowledge of international rules, we provide structural assessments ensuring safety and quality.


We define structural components from concept design to the fabrication phase, and conduct structural analyses of complex systems, incorporating a combination of different materials within architecture.

Structural Engineering Services

Structural Calculations

We specialise in structural calculations, supporting our clients from the design phase through to fabrication. We ensure compliance with and verification of the project’s primary requirements, guaranteeing optimal and safe solutions.



Expert in international regulations (EN, BS, ISO), we assist our clients in the industry to achieve product certification. We also comply with maritime and offshore industry demands, obtaining class approvals and type certifications in accordance with DNV, BV, LLOYD’S, ABS, RINA.


Linear and Non-Linear Analysis

We conduct non-linear analyses, crucial for the correct application of loads to obtain values with material non-linearity and geometric non-linearity calculations.

Finite Element Analysis

We execute structural calculations using finite element analysis for both static and dynamic, linear and non-linear scenarios, ensuring the precision and reliability of our designs.

Technical Assistance

We provide on-site inspections, surveys, and studies of potential failures in structures, in addition to third-party verification for shipowners.

Bolt Connections

We have expertise in the design and calculation of bolt connections, increasingly demanded in the global manufacturing and assembly industry.


Structural Optimisation

Our support extends beyond design verification to include design optimisation studies, aiming to minimise the total weight of the structure while ensuring its effectiveness and safety.

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